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An important note about the digital edition – The text of this digital edition may vary slightly from the latest (fourth edition) as Dr McKinney (non-practicing) continues to update the digital version from time to time as new information becomes available.

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(2020): This edition of Naturopathic Oncology has been completely revised, reorganized, expanded (an additional 70 pages of information) and updated. It provides practical, useful information on all aspects of cancer care. The nature of cancer and its most important vulnerabilities are explained. Fundamental concepts explored include metabolic solutions to the fermentation problem, cancer stem cell management, epigenetic control over cancer genes, and immune activation against cancer. The entire repertory of natural medicines and drugs are introduced, and applied to all the major cancer types. Dietary, nutraceutical, botanical, mind-body and drug protocols are clearly described, and their rational basis explained, backed up by research references.

Find how to apply integrative naturopathic medicines to support the standard of care in oncology – surgery, chemotherapy, targeted drugs and immunotherapy – to make these safer and more productive. Alternative medicines are also given for all cancer types, as well as for the care of adverse effects of therapies, complications, and emergencies. From diagnostics to psychology to prevention, it is an encyclopaedic and user-friendly guide to better outcomes in cancer.


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